TEDx is an effort to bring TED to small communities. Many well-known speakers who are specialists in various fields have come to TEDx to share their valuable perspectives. Thanks for that, TEDx has succeeded in spreading knowledge from a wide range of fields, careers, and bringing out the endless inspiration for our society over the years.

Therefore, the purpose of TEDxPhuMy is to be a groundplace for all of us to not only share our perception, spread the values to the community, but also connect every individual who is sharing the same aspiration to learn. Our mission is inheriting the spirit of TED Global, which is “Ideas Worth Spreading”. With that responsibility in mind, TEDxPhuMy will surely bring you vital information that can give you inspiration and motivation from all of the distinguished aspects in life.

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📧 Contact us: tedxphumy.hcmc@gmail.com

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